Crucifix on the wall of a PSR room at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Springfield MO

Veterans Day

November 11th As we celebrate Veterans Day, some ask what should be the Christian attitude in resorting to violence to resolve conflicts? Veterans are rightly honored for their role in defending the country, especially in time of conflict and violence. Yet, resorting to violence as a means of trying to resolve human conflicts is not the Christian way to deal with relationships. Jesus models the image of God in which all are valued and cherished as God’s children, no matter who they are or which side they are on. Sometimes violence may be justified, but only as a means of last resort, when all possible options have been exhausted, and when greater harm might result. In times of war and military struggles, it is difficult to make these kinds of distinctions. Those who fight and defend under such circumstances must be supported, cared for, valued, and honored. On November 11th, we honor all those who have served our country in the armed services. Let us pray for all veterans and those currently serving in the military. Let us pray for those who seek to negotiate peace, that God may truly guide us all in the path of justice. And let us also continue to pray for an end to war and violence.