Heart to Heart

A large group of women pose for a photo outdoors during a Heart To Heart event

Heart-to-Heart is a great opportunity for the women of Sacred Heart to get to know each other. Meetings are about six times a year, at different times and locations. But we usually meet Saturday mornings. 

We gather for events such as a baby shower, a movie night, and a Christmas party. Occasionally we have speakers from community organizations. We discuss different ways that we as a group (and/or individually) can help our parish and our community. We always celebrate fellowship and friendship.

We do have an annual dues of $10 collected in January.

Currently, due to COVID we are not meeting. We set the annual schedule in January and plan our meetings then.

To learn more or to join us, contact Dawn Jones at (417) 880-9714 or lathamjones.dlj@gmail.com.