From the Pastor’s desk— September 10, 2023


In the past couple of years, we have made a concerted effort to make improvements to our church and facilities here at Sacred Heart.  It began with a new sound system in the church, new lighting for all the PSR rooms, 2 new air conditioning/heating units for our parish hall and adding washer and dryer units.  Building on this, our Maintenance Staff, Parish Development Committee, and Finance Committee have identified our most immediate needs and a creative way to accomplish them.

These committees have identified needs in 3 areas: our church, our kitchen, and our grounds.  For the church, to honor the upcoming Eucharistic Revival, we are in need to regild/replate in gold our monstrance used in exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every week (Fridays 830am-930am and Sundays 5-6pm).  Second, our kitchen is in need of a professional deep clean after several years of heavy use.  Finally, after multiple severe winters and bug infestations, our campus needs some fresh plantings.

To accomplish all this, our Development Committee has arranged the Angel Matching Fund Project.  At the end of the month, all donations for these parish projects will be matched (or doubled) with previous gifts set aside for Church needs by other donors.  At this point, we have a fund of $6,000 that with your matches will bring us $12,000 for these projects. 

The date for this fundraiser will take place in the last week of September to coordinate with my 60th birthday that I will celebrate here in Sacred Heart.  Often people hear about a pastor’s birthday and want to give us presents, but as a religious (member of the Claretian Missionaries) I have taken a vow of poverty and am not in need or have the ability to carry gifts with me from place to place.  As such, it is my wish to use any birthday wishes for the good of our parish. 

Donations cards, which will be distributed at the end of the month, will list 3 options: $60 (since it is my 60th birthday), $25 or $100, but donations can be at any level.  So that means if you donate $60, your gift doubles to $120 ($25 becomes $50 and $100 becomes $200, etc.).  With your help we will continue to be the best caretakers we can for Sacred Heart.  Each generation is needed to build the church we inherited, and we thank you for your prayerful gifts.








Fr. Ray Smith, CMF
Parochial administrator

With a heart for Mission,
Fr. Ray