Volunteer Opportunities

Fr. Ray Smith, CMF

The church is a community of Christians that gather for faith and fellowship. It’s also a nonprofit that needs volunteers, funding, and leadership. How could you help?

If you’d like to share your time, talent, or treasure, look at these communities and activities that could use some help.

Parish School of Religion needs volunteers.
Contact the parish office at (417) 869-3646 or sacredheartchurch1609@gmail.com.

Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Sponsor: Please contact the office to choose one month to donate $150 to help cover the costs of the wine and hosts.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Open to those who have been confirmed. Commissioned by the Bishop for 3 years. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Finance Council: Members assist the pastor and the parish council in the financial administration of the parish. Current members: Steven Bishop, Bob Horton, Greg Nutting, and Joann Walker. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Greeter/usher: Create a welcoming and helpful atmosphere at Mass. Volunteers are high-school age and older. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Reader: Proclaim God’s Word at Mass. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Server: Open to those 10 years old or older. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Mass Captain: Help make sure all runs smoothly before, during, and after Mass. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Music/choir: Enhance the community’s worship with instrumental and/or vocal talents and leadership. Contact Tom Kutz: (417) 840-5108, Nidelvia Peraza: (417) 766-6082, or Domingo Galicia: (417) 824-9975 to volunteer.
  • Website assistance: Help maintain this Website by uploading bulletin news posts and making minor updates. This requires minimal training. It’s about as easy as using Email. English-to-Spanish translation skills are also in high demand. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Worship Committee: Members coordinate the theme, liturgy, and environment of our parish worship. The goal is to identify ways to make our liturgical prayer life a source of spiritual growth for all. Contact the parish office to volunteer.

Religious & Spiritual Enrichment

  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): Share your faith by helping with the process by which adults are welcomed into the community. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Parish School of Religion (PSR): Be a part of the team that helps parish youth strengthen and grow in their faith. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Adult Education and Formation Committee: This group identifies and promotes programs providing adults with the opportunity to grow in their faith. Contact Steve Bishop (417) 300-6987 to volunteer.

Parish Groups & Outreach Ministries

  • Claret Shelter: The Claret Shelter is a cold weather shelter that opens 1-2 days a week for 24 men when temperatures drop below freezing. If you would like to volunteer or donate for the shelter, please contact the parish office.
  • Youth Committee: Persons dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to form community and grow in their faith. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Young at Heart Seniors: Young at Heart Seniors is primarly for those 50 & older, retired, but we’ll accept any who want to take part. Meet Wednesdays for weekly Mass and breakfast. They often provide assistance with various parish ministries, Catholic Campus Ministry projects, and provide fellowship for group members. Contact to be determined.
  • Heart to Heart women’s group: Open to all women of the parish, meets monthly, usually on Saturdays at 8:30 am. Support each other spiritually, raise funds for the parish, and other area not-for-profit organizations, schedule guest speakers, and other activities. We host a parish Ladies Banquet at the parish, sponsor a Mass in May to crown the statues of Mary, and organize either a day of reflection or a weekend retreat each year. Contact Dawn Jones: 880-9714 to volunteer.
  • Stewardship: Members promote understanding and awareness of how we can grow as disciples of Jesus. They encourage everyone to show their gratitude for God’s gifts to them by returning part of their time, talents, and financial resources in service to others. Members provide information about available parish ministry opportunities and conduct the annual parish stewardship effort. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Knights of Columbus: Parishioners are active in this charitable and fraternal organization that has provided financial help to Sacred Heart and other parishes through the years. Contact Tony Beier (417) 833-6459 to volunteer.
  • Maintenance Group: Use your skills (basic to complex) on an as-needed basis to keep our parish buildings and grounds in good repair and looking good. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Church cleaning: We call them “dust angels.” Teams of 2-4 persons alternate during the month to keep the worship area clean and organized. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Fundraising Committee: Raises funds to support the work of the parish. A BBQ dinner the craft/vendor sale, the sale of advertising for the parish bulletin, and the SCRIPT (gift card) sales are the principal activities. Help with one or more of these projects as well as with the Sunday coffee and donuts mentioned below. Contact the parish office to volunteer.


  • Coffee & Doughnuts: Persons willing to help periodically with preparation/clean-up after the 9:30 am Mass, are always needed. Contact the parish office to volunteer.
  • Funeral Dinners: Persons to help plan, prepare, and serve luncheons after funerals of parishioners provide a much-appreciated service to those who have lost a loved one. Contact Ruth Kellner (417) 269-8953 to volunteer.
  • Monthly Parish Meal: Food and fellowship go together! For a nominal charge, join fellow parishioners on the last Sunday of the month after the 9:30am and 12:30pm Masses for a good time and a tasty meal. Contact the parish office to volunteer.